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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello, Tumblr

Whoa. I haven’t been on tumblr for quite some time. I usually write a post every now and then and in the past, I did write one for everyday. I guess, I’ve been too caught up with a lot of stuff.

There’s so much I want to say, but…where do I start? I guess I should start off by saying, I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s such an amazing game, published by Square Enix. I’m new to the game, so…I still have no idea on where to go or what to do, you know.

Anyways, I’ve been on Twitter a lot, too. There’s so much going on and the friends I’ve made on Twitter, they’re just the most unique people ever. We have similar likes and interests, it’s amazing. Better wrap this up. I’ll try and update this as much as I can…until then, later.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now 100% in Full Development

This post is basically about what the title says.

These are some tweets, mentioning Final Fantasy Versus XIII from my tweeter followers and other tweeters.


xSutera ★Stella Nox Fleuret★   by NoctisStella 
#IfMyDreamsCameTrue I would be playing FF Versus XIII right now >”<

 кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg 
@master_keeper11 And another bit of news, Versus XIII is now 100% in Full Development! XD

NyxCloud .  
@NoctisStella Yeah I’am a Versus Fan Simply Its The Best.Your welcome I think we are all awesome because we are Versus Fans heh.

NyxCloud . 
@NoctisStella Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the best your awwesome ;)!

Setz007 ★Setzer007★   
@NoctisStella Awesome! hatching a plan to break into SE’s Headquarters to steal some FFVersus footage :p ..and you?

Setz007 ★Setzer007★   
@NoctisStella Whenever you can, no rush. You’ll have fun there..we talk about Versus a lot. Hehe. You know Japanese???


Setz007 ★Setzer007★  @NoctisStella 
AND THE MUSIC!! It’s AMAZINg. Sorry to tease you but here’s some Versus battle theme music =)…

Setz007 ★Setzer007★  @NoctisStella 
They don’t want to tak the spotlight away from XIII-2 with info about Versus so it’ll be a long while before we hear anything

Setz007 ★Setzer007★  @NoctisStella 
I’m mad at SE for showing us the cocept trailer way back in 2006. Developement for Versus didn’t really start till 2008.

Setz007 ★Setzer007★  @NoctisStella 
They showed it too early. The hype for this game is crazy and i dont care what anyone says as well. It’s gonna be great!!! =)

Setz007 ★Setzer007★ @  @NoctisStella 
This might be a brilliant marketing scheme by SE to get people to purchase this mysterious game. This will sell well ;)

master_keeper11 Terra_@lex   by NoctisStella 
@NoctisStella cool^^ yes yes I’ve heard it xD,I’m looking forward to FF XIII versus yeeeah ^ ^

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
@master_keeper11 Have you heard about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? XD I’m just awestrucked by it.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
If anyone wants to find out more information about the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, there are links on tweets. Google the info.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
'Maybe by E3 2012 we'll finally get to see Versus XIII in action-

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
-but that’s only if the dev team doesn’t get pulled to work on other games in the interim. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.’-

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Reason why Final Fantasy Versus XIII was in slow progress, was because it wasn’t in full development..

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
It was in the making..sorta. But still, it wasn’t much of a progress, really.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Oh, my 2,500th tweet was, ‘FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII IS NOW 100% IN FULL DEVELOPMENT!’ I had no idea ^///^” But, I’m happy.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Square Enix, please have Final Fantasy Versus XIII released before the end of next year, if not, earlier would be nice.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Nobody knows how happy I am right now. I’ve been waiting for more than 6 years for Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be released!

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Good news for Final Fantasy Versus XIII Fans, the game is now in 100% development!

QJdotNET   by NoctisStella 
Final Fantasy Versus XIII development in full swing

N4G N4G   by NoctisStella 
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now In 100% Development: Every year, gamers cross their fingers in hopes of a Final…

OChrisl Chrisl Ondre   by NoctisStella 
#games Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now In 100%

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Seriously? RT @GamesNews2011: Final Fantasy Versus XIII development in full swing (Qj)

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg   
@NyxCloud Absolutely. I too, can’t wait for Final Fantasy Versus XIII! I’m still so excited and of course, waiting..just like everyone else.

  by NoctisStella  
@NoctisStella You should get some rest heh oh really thats great I love em too.But I really cant wait for FInal Fantasy Versus XIII!!

Setz007 ★Setzer007★   by NoctisStella 
@OliverJavier I hope Versus is nothing like VII. Versus should be in a class all on it’s own with it’s unique design and sense of style.

Setz007 ★Setzer007★   by NoctisStella 
Stella Nox Fleuret

Rizkadelia Rizka Adelia   by NoctisStella 
Noctis Lucis Caelum <3

drysteel Pradipta Hermantoro   by NoctisStella 
Noctis Lucis Caelum may even be better than Squall Leonheart or even Cloud Strife

dreamylollipops 。o( iona’s tweet★! )   by NoctisStella 
ノクティス王子ゎもろタイプです*⊃ω`*♪+゚ FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIIIゎプレイしてないけれどいけめん揃いだしスト-リ-も世界観がいつもとちょっと違ったり、ほろりと泣けたりするらしいので氣になるところ`・ω・´

FXN_Network Final Fantasy FXN   by NoctisStella 
We all know that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced too early, so here’s a discussion about vaporware :o…

AngelinaLoveBTR Angi K.   by NoctisStella 
Oh my gosh, I can’t wait till the day Final Fantasy versus XIII will be released for Playstation 3 in Europe *__*

Ben_Harris1987 Ben Harris   by NoctisStella 
@GameTrailers Favourite trailer recently - Final Fantasy Versus XIII Japanese Gameplay Reveal Trailer, looks stunning!…

SaoxMi ジーナ   by NoctisStella 
I favorited a @YouTube video FInal Fantasy Versus XIII NEW Trailer

SaoxMi ジーナ   by NoctisStella 
I favorited a @YouTube video FInal Fantasy Versus XIII NEW Trailer

ZMHxZ ★Zee★   by NoctisStella 
#IfAliensAttack, they will require for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Square Enix, if you don’t release the game, our planet will be destroyed!!

DJNoctis DJN0ctis   by NoctisStella  
@Nova_Crystallis I rather have Versus XIII before ANY of those. I mean come on, they were already teasing the game. =’(

YukiSaginata Mario Alberto  Quiero volver a jugar Final Fantasy XIII Versus :D

BossBadongski Salvador Velasco III  
About Time: Final Fantasy Versus XIII now in Full

nokidelkon A.D. Mingo  
"After 5 years, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now in full development." Wait, So what has SE been doing with the game for the last 5+ years?

wesharegaming Ryan Paul Thompson  
FF Versus XIII ‘in 100% development’: Final Fantasy VersusXIII, announced way back in 2006, is now …

RPGnut RPG nut  
What Happened To Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Isn’t there any news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

NyxCloud .   by NoctisStella 
Just watching final fantasy versus 13 Gameplay Video’s I really Cant wait Hurry up Tetsuya Nomura ! I want that game so badly.

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Maybe later on, I’m going to make a Final Fantasy Versus XIII Google Chrome Theme. It’s going to be awesome!

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
Watching FF Versus XIII Extended Trailer.

BKslydaniels Steven Daniels   by NoctisStella  
@g4tv I’d rather use the time travel system to go in the future to get some new info on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

ZMHxZ ★Zee★   by NoctisStella 
FF Versus XIII is like my dream. But why doesn’t Nomura make it come true? Wae? Wae?

xSutera ★Stella Nox Fleuret★   by NoctisStella 
#NowPlaying Yoko Shimomura - Somnus Nemoris (from Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

ProductionZFly ProductionZFly  by NoctisStella 
Cant stop watching the trailers for final fantasy versus xiii. Best trailer I’ve ever seen #withoutdoubt (dengeki one)

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
There are so many reasons why people oppose the idea of Noctis and Stella being a couple..

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg… Noctis and Stella Over and Over, my most favourite video and song! Made by my friend Mariana ^^

NoctisStella кuяi-кαяiѕнмα ¢нєηg  
'Thєяє ís nσthíng єíthєя gσσd σя вαd, вut thínkíиg mαkєs ít sσ。'- wíllíαm shαkєspєαяє. Versus XIII

That’s it, for now.
This was brought to you by NoctisStella.

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Twitter Followers

Okay, I haven’t really posted anything on tumblr for a while.
So, I’ll post something about my Twitter Followers.

This is a list of my favourite Followers;

  • @xSutera
  • @xRaitoningu
  • @ThatYuffie
  • @JenovaJunkie
  • @iValentineVinc
  • @SmoreSora
  • @Kirarara_
  • @Jaiimeelynn
  • @ZMHxZ
  • @Rushisunoct
  • @YoujisDiary
  • @JFunk13
  • @xForYouOnly
  • @AtarxiaSorcerer
  • @Darkyukicross
  • @Setz007
  • @NyxCloud
  • @Master_keeper11
  • @Ichiban_alice
  • @BlackJackZeroX
  • @Way2dawn
  • @KaariinaaLovee
  • @MrsNoctisXD
  • animefans12
  • FF0_Ace
  • SquirrelEmperor

These people are amazing and I love all of their tweets.
I wanted to make this list because..They’re incredible and they’re really good people.

I recommend everyone to follow these people.

•иσ¢τιṡ¢αεℓυм χXχ ṡτεℓℓαƒℓευяετ★ 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
My PS2 Memory Card with the names of my favourite characters.
Riku- D. GreenAlice- PurpleShun- GreenTerra- OrangeNoctis- BlueStella- Yellow 

My PS2 Memory Card with the names of my favourite characters.

Riku- D. Green
Alice- Purple
Shun- Green
Terra- Orange
Noctis- Blue
Stella- Yellow 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Necklace_White Pearls